Web Freer Windows 10, 7, 8 / 8.1 (32-64 bit) Crack

It is one of the best browsers in the world to organize browsing sessions, open blocked sites and keep users isolated. The HTTP automatically opens when the browser is started and no manual installation is required. Web Freer is based on a Chromium open source project. A app that looks like chrome with an ever-on HTTPS link. Web Freer is a Web Freer application. The website is linked to Web Freer indirectly. The respective owner is the property of all trademarks, product names and logos mentioned.

All software and games information on this website are available on the internet from an open source. This site does not host all programs and games. The file is directly downloaded from https:/haberalsancak.com, when the guest user selects the “download now” click. No piracy activities are sponsored by us. If any user believes and wishes to delete any copyrighted software or game from this web site, please contact us.

Main benefits:

Privacy: It connects the Internet with a https connection, so it encodes our browsing data, hides our IPs and makes us unknown.

Unblock sites: You can open sites that are blocked by PTA.

Always plays: It works wherever https works, for example it works the entire web.

speed: Inherited from the fast design and rich features of Chromium, Web Freer is the fastest modern browser.

What’s new on the web?

  • Keep our private life private by downloading the Web for PC for free
  • A long time ago I had a feeling of freedom about the internet. A user could be the person he wanted to be and had no idea what we did. Or at least it looked like this because accessing the internet was like reaching a different place where we could not be seen or heard.
  • Now we learn that things aren’t that simple. Security and online privacy are more important than ever.
  • We’re thinking about connecting to the Internet, which means it’s on real computers. When we import or export them in the cloud, we only send them to these computers.
  • Only with this, we can close the doors of the poisonous virus and start locking our windows.

System requirements:

Operating Systems: Windows XP or the latest
Processor: Pentium 2 or higher
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Drive: 50 MB

Old Features of Web Freer

  • Web Freer is Free and Secure to Download
  • Works with all Windows
  • It is faster than the previous Web version.
  • Antivirus Alert issue Resolved.
  • Can be run from Pen Drive / Flash Drive / HDD
  • Using Shadow Socks.
  • Skip all blocked websites.

New Features of Web Freer Browser

  • Web Freer It is based on the Chromium browser, which acquires a clean and simple graphical user interface that gives us the fastest and most secure web browsing.
  • It enables us to be encoded into our session and data exchange between our computer and our web servers. Our session was coded with 256 bit http / ssl protocol.
  • Encoding HTTP provides us with privacy and identity. Our browser keeps our information confidential and decodes the server traffic. Verticality prevents our data from being changed without our knowledge.
  • Despite this, it blocks attachments and poisonous websites.
  • It protects our personal information, our account information while banking, and our online shopping.
  • Opens blocked sites blocked by our Internet Service Provider.
  • The browser was purchased from the Chrome browser and is robust, meaning there are no crashes when surfing the web. It can be adapted to any operating system.
  • The free web browser provides malware detection and phishing alert that makes browsing the web safe.
  • Allows users to automatically update their browsers to the newest and safest version.
  • The Web Freer browser provides secure TCP connections to other websites.
  • We can also download the Google Chrome Free Portable Edition.

How to install web freer?

  • Web freer download
  • Install the scanner and follow the very simple instructions carefully.
  • Install the program.
  • Do not run the program directly
  • Shut down the internet.
  • Go to the Crack folder and select .exe Crack.exe ine in the directory where we installed the installation.
  • When you run the patch, it pastes some objects in the directory.
  • Now we can use the Web more freely, after finishing the patch, restart the computer if prompted.


Web Freer for Windows 7, 8, 10 is a web browser that provides the fastest and most secure web browsing. It also keeps our personal information safe. Provides complete privacy and security against malware and threats

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